NOVIR – Nordic Visual Impairment Network is a Nordic co-operation in the field of education and rehabilitation for persons with visual impairment. The network consists of professionals from national and regional education and rehabilitation centres in Denmark, The Faroe Islands, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.  

Mandate of the Network:

In order to provide children, young people and adults with visual impairment the opportunity to participate in education, work and society, NOVIR will share knowledge and competence, and establish a framework for professional cooperation, between the centers in the Nordic countries.

An annual NOVIR meeting sets plans for this work.

To fulfil the mandate, the following areas are relevant to prioritise:

  • Provide and share information about political and administrative decisions on issues relating to people with visual impairment
  • Provide and share the status and tendencies for participation and inclusion within education, work and society for persons with visual impairment
  • Provide and share the status for professional work within educational training for persons with visual impairment
  • Initiate common Nordic research and development projects, seminars and conferences, within the field of visual impairment
  • Initiate exchange of employees during project periods, or work, within specific areas of mutual interest